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The Kofi Annan Business School Foundation

September 16, 2015

Eligible fields  Masters in Business Administration

Type of fellowship  The Kofi Annan Fellowship provides the opportunity for talented and motivated students from developing countries who do not belong to a privileged class and lack sufficient financial means to study management at ESMT in Berlin and graduate with a prestigious MBA from the most international business school in Germany. Upon return to their home countries, the fellows are expected to contribute to the strengthening of entrepreneurial capacity and the fostering of a stable market economy as an effective catalyst for their country’s development, job creation, and poverty alleviation. The purpose of the business school fellowship is to make significant contributions to least developed countries (LDCs) and landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) and to strengthen the awareness for responsibility in leadership in developed countries

Target group  Women

Age limit  None

Host info  Berlin, Germany

Duration  Three years

Number of awards given each year   Up to three fellowships are available each year

Eligible costs  Not specified

Non eligible costs  Not specified

Amounts  38,000

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