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Global Fund for Women Grants

September 16, 2015

Eligible fields  Human rights of women and girls

Type of fellowship  The Global Fund for Women supports women’s groups that advance the human rights of women and girls. The Organization strengthen women’s right groups based outside the United States by providing small, flexible, and timely grants ranging from $500to $30,000 for operating and program expenses. The Global Fund for Women receives over 3,000 proposals a year and is able to award about 600 grants annually. Due to the number of applications submitted, it may take seven to nine months to review your request. Applications are accepted throughout the year and grants awarded every three months. The foundation will send you a note of receipt within three weeks of receiving your application. The Global Fund for Women is committed to providing support to women’s groups throughout the world in a fair and just way. Grant proposals are accepted in any language and any format, and awarded based on criteria and priorities determined in partnership with women’s rights activists working on the ground.

Target group  Women

Age limit  None

Host info  U.S.

Duration  1 year

Number of awards given each year  600

Eligible costs  Not specified

Non eligible costs  Not specified

Amounts  From $500 to $30,000

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