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Shavindi Ediriarachchi

Country of origin: Sri Lanka Currently in: United States, Tucson General field of specialization: Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology
Academic Background


2019 Undergraduate Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE A. NAU Department of Biological Sciences, Flagstaff, AZ (January 2019 – May 2019) Develop (Python-based), analyze and test software implementation of fitting algorithms that employ qualitative and quantitative data in regard to cell-signaling processes. B. NAU Center for Ecosystem Science and Society, Flagstaff, AZ (January 2018 – May 2018) Presented the findings related to Microbial Genetics at NAU Undergraduate Symposium, April 2018: “The Comparison and Quantification of Microbial Abundances in Ponderosa Pine Forest and Mixed Conifer Ecosystems in Northern Arizona”. TEACHING EXPERIENCE Peer Teaching Assistant for Statistics (STA 270) - NAU Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Flagstaff, AZ (August 2018 – May 2019): - Guided sections of 35-40 students through providing in-class support, grading assessments, and holding office hours for supplemental instruction. - Assisted lecturers with classroom management and document coordination to maintain an optimal learning environment.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
OTHER RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE. A. Academic Coach - Third Space Global Private Ltd. - Colombo, Sri Lanka (November 2021 - April 2022): - Conducted regular session quality monitoring such as session evaluations to ensure the company-set standards. - Helped curate an updated LMS course for the tutors on Special Educational Needs (SEN). - Coached a group of 40-45 tutors to provide necessary guidance and the point of contact with regards to performance and quality standards. - Scheduled feedback meetings with tutors and provide constructive guidance. - Evaluated, reported, and analyzed findings on tutor progress and performance, in order to seek ways to develop mechanisms to improve tutor performance. - Actively participated in calibration sessions to maintain consistency in internal evaluations. - Conducted teaching interviews to recruit new tutors. - Planned and conducted training for tutors on pillars such as language, subject knowledge, and student-centered teaching and familiarity, pertinent to different tutoring programs offered by the company. - Tracked the performance of the tutor group assigned and formulate personalized plans to cater to the immediate needs of the tutors. B. Academic Staff - Colombo Institute of Research and Psychology (CIRP), a school under Colombo International Institute of Higher Education (CIIHE), Colombo, Sri Lanka - affiliated with the University of Northampton, UK (July 2020 - August 2021) - Deliver lectures, curate module guides, course content, interactive lecture notes for Foundation General Science & Diploma / Undergrad level Statistics modules for a non STEM audience. (psychology majors) - Assess the students’ performance positively, whilst providing them with constructive feedback. - Coordinate the International Foundation Program (a program bridging the gap between inadequate high school qualifications and higher education opportunities), which involves content management, and handling communications with students and lecturers of the program. - Help evaluate students on their research proposals and dissertation presentations during their senior year of undergrad. - Assist in developing academic documentation, protocols, and assessment strategies in the institute. For more information, please refer to my portfolio.

Workshop and Conference Attended

2018 Flagstaff, AZ Northern Arizona University (NAU) Undergraduate Symposium - 2018

Presentation given

The Comparison and Quantification of Microbial Abundances in Ponderosa Pine Forest and Mixed Conifer Ecosystems in Northern Arizona
Flagstaff, AZ
Event: Northern Arizona University (NAU) Undergraduate Symposium - 2018

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