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Ruth L. Wabwile

Country of origin: Kenya Currently in: Kenya, NAIROBI General field of specialization: Physics
PhD Fellowship Alumna
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2005 Master Physics
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The distribution of trace elements and there speciation in animal body fluids and tissues can be correlated to an animal’s state of health. Hence various diseases, particularly cancer may be diagnosed in animals based on the trace element concentration and speciation in body fluids and tissues. It is not only important to be able to diagnose cancer correctly, but also to determine its stage. This work is focused on the detection and analysis of the chemical species of trace elements in body fluids and tissues from cancerous and non-cancerous domestic dogs. Samples of fluids and tissues will be obtained and analyzed using Neutron Activation Analysis and X-Ray Fluorescence coupled with chemical separation techniques. A diagnostic model that can predict the presence of cancer will be developed.

Fellowship with OWSD

Fellowship with OWSD

Fellowship with OWSD

Fellowship awarded 2002

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