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Building human capabilities in STI: The importance of active mentorship in supporting and building women research leaders in South Africa and the African region at large

December 6, 2023 to December 8, 2023




South Africa


CSIR International Conference Center
Women continuously face exclusion and inequality in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to date. This exclusion means that many of them might have had limited access to funding, mentorship, support, and platforms that would have allowed them to connect with likeminded individuals in their respective fields and also denied them of the opportunity of sharing their research. The lack of active mentorship programmes between emerging and leading renowned women scientists has made it even more challenging for emerging women scientists to build their careers within STEM and develop leadership qualities. Mentorship is one of the strongest tools between a mentor and mentees that aids in paving the way towards a suitable career path within STEM post tertiary education and PhD. The session will deliberate on why mentorship programmes are important and the benefit of having a mentor as an evolving woman in science.  Conference

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