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The Nepal National Chapter of OWSD was established on 6 March, 2020, and is hosted at the Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences. Among the National Chapter's objectives are enhancing the participation of women in scientific and technological research in Nepal, empowering women scientists to take on decision-making roles in Nepal, establishing networking between women scientists in Nepal, and promoting the recognition of the scientific and technological achievements of Nepalese women scientists.

Date of establishment: March 2020

Host institute location: Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences, Bagdol, Kathmandu

Contact: Hemu Kafleowsd.nepal@gmail.comOWSD Nepal website

Executive Committee


Dr Hemu Kharel Kafle

Vice Chair

Dr. Rama Paudel


Dr. Susmita Dhakal


Dr Susma Giri

Additional Executive Committee members

Dr. Meera Prajapati
Ms. Madhavi Parajuli
Dr. Sabita Paudel
Dr. Saraswati Acharya
Ms. Amita Sharma


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