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2021 OWSD PhD Fellows announced

September 13, 2021

Twenty-six women from the developing world have been awarded OWSD PhD Fellowships, supporting them to pursue their PhDs in STEM subjects at institutions across the Global South.

OWSD is happy to introduce the 26 women who have been awarded the 2021 PhD Fellowship. Hailing from 17 countries in all four OWSD regions of the developing world, the new fellows will be supported to pursue their PhDs in STEM subjects at institutions in another country in the Global South. They intend to focus their PhD research on subjects ranging from deepfake detection in video, to early detection of plant diseases using image-based deep learning, to development of a framework to foster collaborative learning through the open-source Moodle learning management system. Meet all of the 2021 fellows below, and click on a name below the photos to learn more about that fellow.

From left to right: Mary Wetani AgoriwoDuha A.A. Al-DarrasTamador Khalil Mansoor AldowmaMahfida Amjad Dipa

From left to right: Naayem Abdulraheem Salem BakranNeleththi Malithi Thusharika De SilvaElodie DimonDiddi Hamadjoda Djamilatou

From left to rightLenye Sebenzile DlaminiWala Fathelrahman Ibrahim ElsayedFikrte Woldeyes HailuAmna Saga Mohammed Humidan

From left to right: Diana Kavidia Muyembe; Saurelle Kenfack TiofackAnnette Bertilla Mwimba LombeLinda Messee Goulefack

From left to right: Fathima Rehana MunasSareeha Nadaraja; Regina NakirandaMayra Lizzeth Núñez Vallecillo

From left to right: Ratidzo Yvonne NyakudyaHemanna Parakramage Anuradha Peramunugamage; Pascaline SangaMorelyn Sigauke

From left to right: Emelda Orlando SimbineSmegnsh Demelash Yeruk



Mary Wetani Agoriwo 

Full-time fellowship at Stellenbosch University, South Africa 

Project title: Developing a health literacy intervention for early identification, diagnosis and management of Parkinson’s disease in Ghana


Duha A. A. Al-Darras 

Full-time fellowship at the University of Jordan, Jordan

Project title: An ontology-based automatic medical consultation System for Identifying Nutrition Deficiency Diseases and Electrolyte Disorders


Tamador Khalil Mansoor Aldowma 

Full-time fellowship at University of Johannesburg, South Africa 

Project title: Gamma-ray bursts as possible standard candles of cosmological parameters


Mahfida Amjad Dipa

Full-time fellowship at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Project title: Efficient load balancing scheme for dense cellular network using RoF technologies


Naayem Abdulraheem Salem Bakran

Full-time fellowship at AL-Neellain University - Graduate College, Sudan

Project title: Dosimetric verification of radiotherapy treatment planning system


Neleththi Malithi Thusharika De Silva
Sri Lanka

Full-time fellowship at Rhodes University, South Africa 

Project title: Early detection of plant diseases with the aid of multi-spectral imaging using deep learning techniques


Elodie Dimon 

Sandwich fellowship at University of Nazi Boni, Burkina Faso 

Project title: Zootechnical performance of climate-sensitive livestock practices developed by women on small ruminants in northern Benin


Diddi Hamadjoda Djamilatou

Sandwich fellowship at University of Pretoria, South Africa

Project title: Petrology and geochemistry of volcanic formations of Roumsou and surroundings (Kapsiki Plateau, Far-North Cameroon): implications on the geodynamic context of the Cameroon volcanic line


Lenye Sebenzile Dlamini 

Full-time fellowship at University of Cape Town, South Africa

Project title: Engineering nitrilases for enhanced thermostability


Wala Fathelrahman Ibrahim Elsayed

Full-time fellowship at ICTP - East African Institute for Fundamental Research (EAIFR) for the University of Rwanda, Rwanda

Project title: Ab-initio insights into the formation mechanisms, photocatalytic activity, and magnetic properties of magnetite/silica/titania core-shell nanoparticles


Fikrte Woldeyes Hailu 

Sandwich fellowship at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Project titleDevelopment of bacterial cellulose intelligent film incorporated with butterfly pea anthocyanin for mango freshness monitoring


Amna Saga Mohammed Humidan 

Full-time fellowship at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Project title: Integrated deepfake detection for video


Diana Kavidia Muyembe 
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Full-time fellowship at Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

Project title: A study on pharmacological activities, genetic diversity, chemical profile and physicochemical properties of sweet potato and impact of the cultivars for improving nutritional security and health benefits


Saurelle Kenfack Tiofack

Sandwich fellowship at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Project title: Host-guest complexes of three triterpenoid molecules and some flexible Zn-carboxylate paddlewheels Mofs: synthesis, characterization, study of somepharmacokinetics properties and DFT calculations


Annette Bertilla Mwimba Lombe

Sandwich fellowship at University of Pretoria, South Africa

Project title: Assessing the role of microbial ecosystems in bioremediation of lead contaminated sites in Kabwe


Linda Messee Goulefack 

Sandwich fellowship at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Project title: Dynamics and synchronization of non-locally coupled neural models: applications in neuronal diseases


Fathima Rehana Munas
Sri Lanka

Full-time fellowship at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Project title: The hot spot and thermal stress phenomenon in bias acoustic liner


Sareeha Nadaraja 
Sri Lanka

Full-time fellowship at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Project title: Irrigation water management and optimizing irrigation schedules with machine learning and optimization algorithms for sustainable crop production to mitigate the impact of climate change


Regina Nakiranda 

Full-time fellowship at North-West University, South Africa

Project title: Effect of providing eggs as an early complementary food on morbidity of infants aged 6- <9 months (affiliated to eggcel-growth randomised controlled trial)  


Mayra Lizzeth Núñez Vallecillo 

Full-time fellowship at Austral University of Chile, Chile

Project title: Effects of river discharge on populations of two coastal marine fish species, common snook (Centropomus undecimalis) and horse-eye jack (Caranx latus), important for artisanal fisheries in the Honduran Caribbean


Ratidzo Yvonne Nyakudya 

Full-time fellowship at University of Pretoria, South Africa

Project title: Development of a holistic model for environmental degradation and sustainability evaluation during core operations in the sponge iron production: a case study of SIMBI steel makers in Zimbabwe.


Hemanna Parakramage Anuradha Peramunugamage 
Sri Lanka

Sandwich fellowship at University of São Paulo, Brazil 

Project title: Design of a framework to foster collaborative learning through a Moodle mobile plugin


Pascaline Sanga 

Full-time fellowship at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Project title: Construction and characterization of MXene-functionalized nanomaterials and their application for removal of toxic pollutants from water

Morelyn Sigauke 
Full-time fellowship at Botswana International University of Science & Technology, Botswana

Project title: Analysis of transmission dynamics, optimal control 1 strategies and fractional-order dynamics of pneumonia 2 disease in a developing country


Emelda Orlando Simbine 

Full-time fellowship at State University of Campinas, Brazil

Project title: Combination of physical and biological innovative technologies on reducing antimicrobial residues in milk and milk products


Smegnsh Demelash Yeruk 

Sandwich fellowship at Botswana International University of Science & Technology, Botswana

Project title: Rational homotopy type of the components of mapping  spaces from odd spheres to elliptic spaces

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