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Call for Posters: OWSD General Assembly 2021

September 29, 2021

Members are invited to submit posters on four themes: OWSD members’ responses to COVID 19; The importance of basic sciences for development; Applied science: results for development; and Including sex and gender as variables in scientific research


This year, for the first time, the OWSD General Assembly will take place almost entirely online. A dedicated website will be up and running shortly. However, because time is short, we want to immediately announce to all OWSD Members the Call for Poster Presentations.

The Assembly will take place over 2 weeks (8-19 November), but only 2-3 hours/ per day (Monday to Friday) will be live events, to allow Members from all time zones to connect. As you will see, 4 entire days will be dedicated to Members and their presentations on the GA themes.

The 6th OWSD General Assembly and International Conference is an opportunity for OWSD Members to set the agenda for relevant scientific research and to comment on the interconnecting roles of women, science and development. It is expected that edited collections of selected papers will be submitted for publication in international journals with which OWSD is in contact, as well as an OWSD Special Edition of Conference Proceedings to be published in 2022.

To enable maximum participation of OWSD members, poster presentations are being called for on the following 4 themes (please refer to the attached file for further explanation on themes):

  1. OWSD members’ responses to COVID 19
  2. The importance of basic sciences for development
  3. Applied science: results for development
  4. Including sex and gender as variables in scientific research

Please use this template for your presentations (clicking on link will start automatic download):

Powerpoint version

Word doc version

Please note the template has the recommended settings and font sizes for the best results. Please ensure the title header, footer, OWSD logo are not altered. You may change any other aspects of the poster as long as the poster is legible and not too crowded with information (text and graphics). 

Please submit your poster to by Sunday, 10 October 2021 including the attached form. We will accommodate as many posters as we can; however, there will be a selection. Researchers of successful presentations will be notified by Friday, 15 October 2021.

If selected, you will be asked to film a short presentation of your poster (3-5 minutes) to be uploaded on the conference website. We need to receive videos by Monday, 1 November 2021.

Selected posters will be available with the related videos during the two weeks of the Assembly in the poster library. OWSD Members attending the online conference will be able to send comments on your poster any time (through a private chat forum, and not through your personal email address). Additionally, you will be asked to attend the relevant poster session live so that you can respond to questions and elaborate points of interest (between 9 and 18 November 2021, see programme above). Depending on the number of posters received, online discussion rooms will be organised, grouped by theme, country, region or research field.

OWSD values your inputs and recommends you to send your poster even if you are at junior level, or have been out of the research environment for some time.

Members may submit more than one poster. Please indicate in your email any other posters you may have already submitted. Please note: authors of selected posters will not be remunerated. A participation certificate is foreseen for each successful submission. Submission of posters presumes your acceptance that the posters (and related videos) will be published on the OWSD website unless we specifically receive a request that you do not wish this. For questions, please write to

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