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Celebrating Women in Science: OWSD Announces Month-Long Event Series

February 09, 2024

In celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 February 2024) and the International Women's Day (8 March 2024), the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) is thrilled to announce a month-long series of activities, both organized by our National Chapters and the OWSD Secretariat. This initiative highlights the importance of promoting gender equality and recognizing the invaluable contributions of women in science globally.



Throughout the month, a diverse array of events will take place, ranging from seminars and conferences to webinars and science fairs. Many of these events have been funded through a call for applications sent out by the OWSD Secretariat at the end of 2023, while others have been autonomously organized by each National Chapter in partnership with local institutions. This collaborative effort underscores the beauty of our network of 54 National Chapters worldwide, each contributing to the advancement of women in science within their respective regions.

From the OWSD Secretariat's side, we are excited to participate in several events organized by partners in Italy. One such event is the an International Conference to celebrate the World Day of Girls and Women in Science jointly organized by the UNESCO Chair on Health Education and Sustainable Development of Federico II of Federico II University and the Network of the Italian UNESCO Chairs (ReCUI). This conference, scheduled for Sunday, February 11, 2024, at 9:00 AM, will take place at the Aula Magna del Centro Congressi Federico II in Napoli, and aims to present for the first time at national level the most relevant and outstanding programs promoted by UNESCO to support girls and women in scientific careers.Renowned Italian female scientists will be in attendance, alongside presentations of emblematic UNESCO programs for gender equality in science. 

Moreover, the OWSD Secretariat will seize this opportunity to engage with our members and potential new partners worldwide. To facilitate this outreach, we have organized a series of four online Science Snack Breaks, during which we will unveil four new short films produced within the OWSD Visions Project. These films spotlight stories of women OWSD members and fellows as protagonists, many of which have been developed in collaboration with OWSD National Chapters. Each film portrays women scientists residing and working in developing countries, showcasing how their contributions have positively impacted their communities' living conditions.

As we celebrate the achievements of women in science, we also extend an invitation to our friends and partners to support OWSD in our mission. By joining forces, we can continue to support the contributions of women scientists worldwide and create a more inclusive and equitable scientific community for all. Together, let us champion the brilliance and resilience of women in STEM, this month and every day.



Below are the details of the upcoming events, which will be continuously updated as more activities are confirmed: 

OWSD National Chapter Event Name Date Online/In Person Additional Info
Sri Lanka OWSD/Executive Edge 7-Feb-24 Online Event focusing on leadership and mentorship for junior scientists
Secretariat International Day of Women and Girls in Science Conference 11-Feb-24 In Person High-level conference organized by UNESCO Chairs in Italy
Cameroon International day of girl in STEM 11-Feb-24 In person Celebration of women’s success in STEM: women, sustainability and climate solutions.
Benin Seminar: Empowering Benin Women through Data Science - Ensure the Future of Local Community Wellbeing and Social Development 11-Feb-24 In Person Conclusion event of an year-long training program in data science delivered to 100 African women scientists
Bolivia 1ra Feria Científica OWSD-Bolivia en Quillacollo 11-Feb-24 In Person Science fair with certificates for participation
Nepal Scientific Proposal Writing for Women and Girls Feb 11 - Mar 8, 2024 Online Webinar series on proposal writing for women and girls
Colombia International Day of Women and Girls in Science Celebration with EAN University 12-Feb-24 In Person Celebration of women and girls in science and new partnership with EAN University
Honduras II National Symposium of Women in Science OWSD -- Honduras 12-Feb-24 Online Symposium featuring talks by women scientists
Bolivia Mujeres en la Ciencia - Bolivia Feb 14-16, 2024 Online Webinars highlighting Bolivian women scientists
Secretariat Science Snack Break Series 14-Feb-24 Online 20-30 minutes online event to unveil 1 new OWSD Visions Film
Bolivia 1er Simposio y Feria Científica OWSD-Bolivia 15-Feb-24 In Person Symposium and science fair with honorary recognition
Bolivia Feria de Divulgación Científica – Segunda Versión 16-Feb-24 In Person Science fair with conferences and experiments
Bolivia Feria de Difusión por el Dia de la Mujer y la Niña en la Ciencia 17-Feb-24 In Person Science fair with conferences and experiments
Sri Lanka Women Empowerment in Community 20-Feb-24 In Person Event motivating and mentoring women for income generation
Secretariat Science Snack Break Series 21-Feb-24 Online 20-30 minutes online event to unveil 1 new OWSD Visions Film
Egypt International Day for Woman and Girl 20-Feb-24 In Person Honoring women pioneers in science and social activities
Secretariat Science Snack Break Series 28-Feb-24 Online 20-30 minutes online event to unveil 1 new OWSD Visions Film
Mexico First meeting of women scientists of the OWSD MEXICO 2-Mar-24 In Person Launch event for OWSD Mexico with conference and workshop
Cameroon Celebrations of International Women’s Day 2024: "Investing in women: picking up the pace" Mar 2, 7, 8, 2024 In Person Activities celebrating women's achievements and empowerment
Egypt Seminar: Women and Science of Beauty 3-Mar-24 In Person Seminar on beauty sciences related to women
Secretariat Science Snack Break Series 6-Mar-24 Online 20-30 minutes online event to unveil 1 new OWSD Visions Film
Pakistan STEM Stars of Pakistan: A Tribute to Women in Science 8-Mar-24 In Person Event acknowledging contributions of women scientists in Pakistan
Sri Lanka Motivation of Girl Children for STEM Education 8-Mar-24 In Person Event motivating girls for STEM education and leadership roles
Ghana Conference and General Meeting “Women Scientists: their contribution to attaining the SDG goals”. 8-Mar-24 In Person Conference on the contributions of women scientists to SDG goals
Iraq (OWSD working group) Breast Cancer Awareness among Women in Iraq-Raparin Area 8-Mar-24 In Person Promoting breast cancer awareness among women
Ecuador Monthly Webinars Series Starting Mar 8, 2024 Online Monthly webinars highlighting women scientists' work
Botswana Improving the proportion of women leadership roles, research and innovation  March tbd In person Workshop
Honduras 8-M: Women in Science Forum OWSD  8-Mar-24 Online Forum of four OWSD Honduras members' experiences as women scientists in Honduras

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