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OWSD Kenya National Chapter Webinar on Project Management

August 04, 2020

OWSD Kenya Chapter Hosts a Webinar on Project Management

The COVID 19 break did not deter the women scientists from Kenya from advancing their academic and research activities, albeit, through unprecedented and unforeseen means. Who better than the seasoned researcher and OWSD Vice President, Africa region, Professor Olubukola Babalola to have shared her insights on project management through the first ever Kenya National chapter webinar! Indeed, the major processes and activities, within project management were discussed. This took place on 4th of August, 2020 and marked a new way of doing things - 'a new normal', as many like to call it. 

Many were pleasantly surprised, that through the online platform, a lot of sharing of information and interaction, as well as learning could take place. The webinar brought together the largest number of members ever in one meeting, compared to when physical meetings are called. The stimulating talk, which included interactive sessions and audio visual aids, captivated the participants, many of whom appreciated the event, by making very positive comments.

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