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OWSD Pakistan: The Learning Curve

December 31, 2021

The OWSD Pakistan virtual lecture series “Women Scientists Through Journey of Challenges/Success” highlights the hurdles and challenges faced by Pakistani women researchers who had built their careers in science.


The session was held on Thursday, December 30, 2021. The speaker of the session was Dr. Rubeena Hafeez. Dr Hafeez is a Professor at the Department of Pathology, Chairperson, Infection, Control and Prevention Committee Central Park Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Lahore. She is an executive council member of OWSD Pakistan. She is also the Chapter Head of Azad Jammu Kashmir, Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA).  The title of her presentation was "The Learning Curve". She gave a detailed account of her educational background and discussed the challenges she faced during her journey and how she overcame those. She also discussed how to benefit from the opportunities that life provides. Moreover, she discussed her work at Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA) and how PBSA operates. She explained the prospects of PBSA and how PBSA is currently serving during the COVID scenario in the country.

The program was conducted virtually on Microsoft Teams. The guest speakers were introduced by Dr. Asma Ansari (Assistant Professor, KIBGE & Executive Member, OWSD Pakistan). In the end, a Q/A session was conducted. A vote of thanks was given by Dr. Saima Saleem (Associate Professor, KIBGE & Secretary, OWSD Pakistan NC) and a special vote of thanks from President OWSD Pakistan, Professor Bina S. Siddique was delivered.


Special Thanks:

Dr Rubeena Hafeez (Executive Member)

OWSD Executive Council Members

OWSD Media Team

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