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OWSD Palestine National Chapter Hosts Seminar on "Doing Science in and for Developing Countries: Opportunities with OWSD"

June 01, 2020

The OWSD Palestine National Chapter and the Palestine Academy of Science and Technology (PALAST), in cooperation with OWSD, hosted an introducing seminar on “Doing Science in and for Developing Countries: Opportunities with OWSD” via webinar (Zoom), that was presented by the OWSD Programme Coordinator, Dr. Tonya Blowers.

The seminar was opened by HE Prof. Marwan Awartani, Academy President and Minister of Education, who welcomed the attendees from all national institutions. In his speech, he gave an account of the latest developments and various programs implemented by the Academy during the year. He pointed out that this Seminar comes as part of the initiative of cooperation with the OWSD Palestine National Chapter.

Following that, Dr. Blowers in her talk, discussed the practice of science in developing countries and how to enhance the role of female researchers. In addition, she highlighted the opportunities available from OWSD to achieve complementary roles, and raise the voice of Palestinian women researchers on Palestinian society. Dr Blowers also noted the importance of inculcating the scientific culture enhancement on the role of women in various scientific and technological fields that is in harmony with the goals of the Palestine Academy for Science and Technology.

Dr. Blowers highlighted the goals of the OWSD international organization and various programs they implement to support establishing OWSD National Chapters in developing countries and encourage the participation of women in their various programs. She also addressed several success stories on women from developing countries.

Several meetings will be organized, and international women researchers will be invited to Palestine, to participate in several activities aiming to:

  • promote the education and scientific research and
  • motivate young women researchers to complete their scientific career and
  • increase their participation rate in the labor market.

The Academy will provide the administrative and logistical support that would make the OWSD Palestine National Chapter plans a success for all Palestinian young women at home and abroad.

This interactive meeting was attended by approximately 40 members of the Palestinian women researchers from various Palestinian universities, in addition to a number of researchers from the Arab world and Southeast Asia.

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