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Shortlist Announced for the new OWSD Executive Board!

April 29, 2016

A shortlist of 17 candidates for the 2016-2010 OWSD executive board has been approved by OWSD President, Fang Xin. Candidates were selected by a special Nominations Committee.

The candidates below (or their representatives) will present their vision statements to the General Assembly in Kuwait on 16 May. Voting for President will take place in the afternoon of 16 May. The new OWSD President will be announced in the evening. On Tuesday 17 May the 4 Vice Presidents will be selected. And finally on Wednesday 18 May the 4 regional members will be elected. The new full OWSD executive board will be welcomed during the closing ceremony on Thursday 19 May. A pdf catalog of all of the nominees is available to download below.


Elisa Saitovitch (Brazil)
Jennifer Thomson (South Africa)

Africa - VPs and Members
Esi Awuah (Ghana)
Olubukola Babalola (Nigeria/ South Africa)
Bernadette Ezeliora (Nigeria)
Jennifer Thomson (South Africa)

Asia Pacific - VPs and Members
Hasin Anupama Azhari (Bangladesh)
Shahida Rafique (Bangladesh)
Ilkay Erdogan Orhan (Turkey)
Akka Jyothy (India)
Atya Kapley (India)

Latin America & the Caribbean - VPs and Members
Martha Pérez Armendariz (Mexico)
Elisa Maria Baggio-Saitovich (Brazil)
Magaly Blas (Peru)
Jana Rodriguez-Hertz (Uruguay)

Arab Region - VPs and Members
Saneya Mohamed El Neshawy (Egypt)
Huda Omer Salem Ba Saleem (Yemen)
Oum Kalthoun Ben Hassine (Tunisia)
Nashwa Eassa (Sudan)

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