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Swedish Institute programme

September 09, 2015

Eligible fields  Social Entrepreneurship

Type of fellowship  Knowledge building: theoretical and practical seminars, workshops and discussions on topics e.g. leadership, social entrepreneurship, business communications, branding, finance and funding. Project work and project management. The Swedish Institute helps Sweden reach various international goals concerning foreign policy, education, international aid and development. Our activities span over fields such as culture, society, research, higher education, business, innovation, democracy and global development. Promotes interest and confidence in Sweden around the world. SI seeks to establish cooperation and lasting relations with other countries through strategic communication and exchange in different fields. SI works with Sweden’s image abroad and activities in international development cooperation go hand in hand. The overarching goal is to create mutual relationships with other countries around the world. SI support of Swedish language instruction at foreign universities also fits into this common agenda.

Target group  Women entrepreneurs from Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Palestine, Yemen and Sweden

Age limit  20-36

Host info  Sweden-MENA

Duration  10 days in Sweden, 1 week in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. In between the modules, the participants work on their own initiative locally, coached by group mentors over digital platforms

Number of awards given each year  No set number

Eligible costs 

• air travel to and from Sweden and to the location of the 2nd module of the programme in the MENA region

• insurance against illness and accident (Sweden)

• travel insurance (2nd module reimbursed later)

• visa application costs

• accommodation

• food

Non eligible costs  Not specified

Amounts  Not specified

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