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VLIR-UOS Scholarships for Training and Master Programmes in Flanders, Belgium

September 16, 2015

Eligible fields  

International Master Programmes 2015 – 2016

  •     Master of Science in Development Evaluation and Management
  •     Master of Science in Globalisation and Development
  •     Master of Science in Governance and Development
  •     Master of Science in Human Settlements

International Master Programmes 2015-2017

  •     Master of Science in Aquaculture
  •     Master of Science in Biology – Specialisation Human Ecology
  •     Master of Science in Statistics – Specialisation Biostatistics
  •     Master of Science in Environmental Sanitation
  •     Master of Science in Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management (Oceans & Lakes)
  •     Master of Science in Molecular Biology (IPMB)
  •     Master of Science in Nematology
  •     Master of Science in Nutrition and Rural Development
  •     Master of Science in Physical Land Resources
  •     Master of Science in Food Technology
  •     Master of Science in Water Resources Engineering

Type of fellowship  VLIR-UOS awards scholarships to students from developing countries to study for a master or training programme in Flanders, Belgium. VLIR-UOS funds and facilitates academic cooperation and exchange between higher education institutions in Flanders (Belgium) and those in developing countries, which aims at building capacity, knowledge and experience for a sustainable development. The master programmes focus on specific problems of developing countries. These are designed to enable graduates to share and apply acquired knowledge in the home institution and country. In the shorter training programmes the focus is on transferring skills rather than knowledge, thus creating opportunities for cooperation and networking.

Target group  Women African students

Age limit  Not older than 40years if you apply for a scholarship to follow a master programme. Not older than 45 years if you apply for a scholarship to follow a training programme.

Host info  Belgium

Duration  The master programmes will last for one or two academic years while the shorter training programmes will last one to four months,

Number of awards given each year  180 scholarships to first-year master students and 70 scholarships to training participants.

Eligible costs  The scholarship covers all related expenses (full cost).

Non eligible costs  Not specified

Amounts  Not specified

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