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The OWSD Mauritius National Chapter was launched in February 2018 and is hosted by the Food and Agricultural Research Extension Institute (FAREI). The role of the National Chapter is to consolidate the network of women engaged in science in Mauritius, to create networking opportunities through events to showcase their contribution to the different sectors of the economy and to outreach the youth and the community for creating interest and awareness in science. The National Chapter also facilitates access to career and training opportunities for career development.

Contact: Dr Devika Saddulwomeninsciencemauritius@gmail.comOWSD Mauritius website

Executive Committee


Dr Devika Saddul

Vice Chair

Dr Vidushi Neergheen


Sandrine Labonte


Bhamini Kamudu

Additional Executive Committee members

Babita Dussoruth
Davina Ellapen
Angelina Angoh


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Chemical Sciences
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June 2017
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February 2016


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