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The OWSD Mauritius National Chapter was launched in February 2018 and is hosted by the Food and Agricultural Research Extension Institute (FAREI). The National Chapter works to enable its members to access research training, career development and networking opportunities that OWSD offers to women scientists throughout the developing world at different stages of their career.

Contact: Devika Saddul

41 Members

1 PhD Graduate

Yuvita Dabidin

Member since: 2018

Chemical Sciences

Asma Zaynah Dhunny

Member since: 2018


Nowsheen Goonoo

Member since: 2017

Chemical Sciences

Devina Lobine

Member since: 2019


Romeela Mohee

Member since: 1995

Engineering sciences

Hudaa Neetoo

Member since: 2018

Agricultural Sciences

Isabelle Quirin

Member since: 2018

Chemical Sciences


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