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The OWSD Cameroon National Chapter was established in March 2019, hosted at the University of Yaounde I. Among its activities are: setting up STEM clubs in secondary schools; collecting data on gender statistics and participation of women in STEM research; teaching and governance; advocating for policies for gender mainstreaming in science and women's equal access to educational training and resources; and providing training and resources for women scientists, for career development and work-life balance.

Contact: Nangah Che Randy

219 Members

18 PhD Fellows

23 PhD Graduates

2 Early Career Fellows

1 Awardee

Tchoffo Adele

Member since: 2016

Engineering sciences

Angèle Aja-Fowe

Member since: 2019


Irene N. Anyangwe

Member since: 1995

Mary Ayuk Orockakwa

Member since: 2003


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